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AV is a formally trained audio recording and mix engineer, audio editor, and music producer.

AV works with all types of music, podcasts, and creative projects, but is most often working in pop, hip-hop, and acoustic singer-songwriter styles.

Marble Wall

About AV

Audio engineer and music producer AV

Oh hey. I'm Adam. I'm a lifelong music lover and musician. 

When you work with me, you can count on a high level of professionalism, and a true passion for music and audio. 


My goal is to help you breathe life and emotion into your project!


Located in the Dallas-Forth Worth metroplex, and available for remote production and mixing.

Here's a snapshot of my skills and experience: ​

  • Bachelor's Degree - Audio Production​

  • 8+ years pro audio experience - studio and live sound​

  • 12+ years touring / session drummer​

  • 10+ years Pro Tools proficiency​

  • 9+ years Ableton Live proficiency



Musical artist recording vocals, singing into microphone

I operate an affordable personal studio West of Dallas, Texas, or you can record with me at any studio you'd like to book in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.


Here are some important aspects to consider when choosing your engineer:

  • Room acoustics and treatment

  • Proper mic selection, and mic placement

  • Shared vision and knowledge of desired sound and style

  • Being patient, well-organized, and formally trained always helps - but that's just me!

Audio Engineer AV mixing music in his studio

Mixing is a specific art form that takes years of experience to learn and perfect. Some often overlooked aspects of mixing include:

  • Targeted EQ for balancing and removing unwanted frequencies

  • Compression to control dynamic and create energy.

  • Creative and musical effects (reverb, delay other FX)

  • Advanced automation to enhance emotion

  • Revisions -- tweaking the mix until you're satisfied!

Home studio setup for music production, recording, and mixing.

With the amount of vocalists, rappers, and songwriters I've worked with over the years, I often get requests for custom beats, instrumentals, and assistance with songwriting and arranging. 


I've been humbled by the artists who allow me to help shape their projects beyond what they envisioned. I'd be honored to help you bring your vision to life.

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Marble Wall


Production/ Mixing / Mastering samples:

Songs labeled "remix" or "cover" are used here purely as an example of production ability. No copyright ownership is claimed or implied.

Marble Wall


Get in touch!

Thanks for submitting! You will receive a response as soon as possible!

Please be as thorough as possible when describing your project! (Genre, inspiration tracks, number of songs, deadline, budget, etc.) If you have any questions about how this process works, check out the FAQ page for more information!

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